Neurofeedback and EMDR Psychotherapy
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From anxiety to depression and feelings of shame and inadequacy, from mood swings to traumatic memories, most of us have a mental “trap” that causes recurring conflict in our lives and relationships. Time alone will not heal everything. Problems won’t just go away; kids won’t just outgrow their misbehaviors. A therapist can work with you to resolve your emotional, behavioral, or relational difficulties.

Facing the problems and seeking professional help to get well are signs of strength and courage. I understand that it is very hard to take the first step to change. However, if you can envision a happier and healthier you, the efforts of making the contact and doing the work are all worthwhile.

Please don’t let one more day go by without bringing changes to your situation. I am a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist with over a decade of experience in helping children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. I have integrated effective approaches, Neurofeedback and EMDR to help you free yourself from obstacles blocking your happiness.

I would love to support you to gain a new mindsight, find your own strengths, and make positive lasting changes in your life. Take an action and make the call. You will soon able to master your emotions, heal your relationships, and reach your fullest potential.

Yafen Wu-Pang, LMFT | (626) 888-5552 | 550 W. Duarte Rd. Suite 5 Arcadia, CA 91007 |